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Our list of those that have worked on the Oak Grove Hotshot crew is far from complete. Below are names, and in some cases, not complete names of fellow crew members we need contact information for. Please take a minute and look at the list and see if you have any information that will help us find these folks. We want to find them and alert them to the reunion on May 23, 2012.

Paul Hogan,
Ron Harper, Keith Humphry,
Victor Ortega, Howard Clearman,
Richard Gettmen, Steve Hassel,
Doug Petrie,
Art Brunston,
Jim Geer, Steve Pock,
Rusty Ramsey,
Jim Comer, Gene Kaldhusdal,
Frank Helper,
Joe Perez, John Alexander,
Larry Humphrey,
Leo Edmo, Roger Richcreek,
Robert Switzer, Otto Heisis,
Dennis Begay, Earl (Skip) Pike,

Bill Padinick, Phil Main,
Mike Czamecki, Ed Smith,
Jack Horton, Norm White,
Tommy Brumfield, Tom Deal,
John Stutler,
Bruce Stevenson, Kee Tsosie,
Bob Powers, Dana Crapa,
Dick Cramer, Tom Holden,
Dave Ohlson, Dave Busch,
Richard Reardon, Don Bingham,
Robert Murphy, Chris Paulson,
Don Fritchman, Pat Burgess,
Pat Felde, Rex Johnson,
Donald Glauthier,
Doug Disckson, Vincent Antone,
Allan Fowler, Sam Bennet,
Michael Yow, John Lavato,
Byron Crocker, Calvin Tane,
Ed Hook Tom Zwoa,
Johnny Lewis, Pete Roble,
Bob McDonald,
Brett Higbee,
Oscar Martinez, Randy Sewalson (sp),
Bob Slate, Charles T. Smith,
Pete Miller,
Carl Lannon, Bill Cummings,
Roy Hendria, Jerry Harris,
Lewis Blades, Daryll Norwalk,
Ron Hammond, Ken Vistad,
Mike Gross, Art Romero,
Jim Funk, Paul Hope,
Phil Perkins, Paul Johnson,
Dick Gitman, Danny Bangs,
John Bowman, Tom Dell,
Begay, Chris Hazen,
Lorni Hazen, Phil Seeley,
Dennis Mitchell, Brian Warner,
Mike Pepkey, Shawn Walls,
Mark Closet, Mike Terry,
(?) Shuman, (?) York,
B. Barnard, (?) Robinson,
(?) Alvarez, M. Smith,
W. Poepke, (?) Compos,
Ken Tolen, (?) Ridgeway,
(?) Shoop, (?) Johnson,
K. Burnes, J. O’Malley,
W. Berringer, Frank Hacker,
(?) Evans, Clifford Penny,
Richard Boatwright, Albert “Bobby” Harris,
Denny Ales,
Howard (The Old Man) Drake,
Ken McCool, “Speedy” Gozales,
Robert E.Begay, Frank Halper,
Don Benda,


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  1. 1

    Greg Ruggles said,

    Hey, I’se still here. I marked the calendar already.

  2. 2

    Tom Pogue said,

    I was assigned to Oak Grove in Oct. of ’70. For some reason I believe an Indian Crew took over Chilao for the remainder of that season and most of us ended up at Oak Grove. Didn’t see much fire action but spent a lot of time doing work at Switzer Falls and other trail work. Wayne Crowder was my foreman. We made him earn his money! Being as how there was a rivalry between Chilao and OG he didn’t like us and we didn’t like him. He rode us hard and we pranked him every way we could. Looking back on it he was a great guy and I hope he doesn’t hold any grudges, I think all the pranks we pulled were in “good fun”.

    • 3

      Wayne Crowder said,

      Hey Tom, I remember you! Was that when we were installing that fence around the top of the falls to keep the idiots from falling off of it? You remember when we hand drilled (I mean drill rod and sledge hammer!) those holes to blast out the rock for the posts? Man, that was some tedious work! I don’t really remember much about the revelry between the crews then, but I do remember what an a- hole I could be. Hope you didn’t take it personally. I also remember backing that Carry All we were using into an oak tree there at the Switzer parking lot. When we got back to Oak Grove, we hurriedly pounded out the dent and repainted it before Boggs saw it. I didn’t want any blemishes on my driving record. And of coarse, no grudges. See you in May!

    • 4

      Steve said,

      Tom, we do not have your contact information. Please email: oghotshot@comcast.net with your mailing address and phone numbers. Registrations are in the mail.

  3. 5

    Jerry Rice said,

    Hi, I’m Jerry Rice
    1957 & 1958 Angeles Crest Tanker crew/Bob Alvord Forman & FPT, Jim Friday TTO, Gordy Bowman and me.
    1960 Big Tujunga Canyon Tanker Dick Beer FPT, Henery Smith Forman Keith Marks TTO Gary Greybold & I crewmen
    Transfer to Valleyermo Dist. Big Pine, Wright Wood FPT
    Chantry Flats Tanker, Bill Johnson Forman, Jerry Rice TTO
    Oak Grove Hotshots 1964,
    FPT Sierra Madre, Sunset Ridge, Arroyo Seco Canyon, Angeles Crest
    and entire front country in winter LaCanida to Fish Canyon, Azusa.
    Transfer to Saugus Newhall as Unit Ranger Pine Canyon Station.
    Transfer to Sequoia National Forest, Distrest as DFPO and then retired as a Fuel Management Officer. Now I’m a farmer in Iowa

  4. 6

    Andy Wood said,

    I worked on the Chilao Hotshots from 1971-1973. Looking for anyone else who worked there. andywood_5@msn.com

  5. 7

    Steve Arney said,

    Support H.R. 2858

    Official H.R. 2858 language:


    Thank you for your support.

  6. 8

    Glen Howard said,

    I now live in Honolulu Hawaii

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