The Oak Grove facility was started as a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp, Company 903, Forest Number-133, May 16th., 1933. The land belonged to the city of Pasadena and the Forest Service, Angeles National Forest, entered into a long-term lease agreement with the city for $1, to be extend for 99 years.

Originally, the CCC camp buildings were all constructed of wood. The buildings were used as an office, barracks, and for storage space.

With the deactivation of the CCC and the camps in 1942, the Forest Service no longer had a large, organized, firefighting workforce. The location was transitioned into the Arroyo Seco Ranger District headquarters and fire station. For many years, the facilities were tents that supplied the barracks, and mess hall.

At some point between the years 1950 and 1954, the Forest Service secured seven small military surplus, four person-sleeping quarters. These units were made of plywood, painted military green, and were used for some or all of the crewmembers. These types of structures were often called “flappers” due to a hinged plywood window cover that would “flap” with the wind.

In 1958, there were only four of the seven structures left, and were then being used for storage. The last four military surplus structures were removed sometime around 1960.

The first Hotshot crew on the Angeles National Forest was the Oak Grove Hotshot crew, approve in 1950. Eddie Lundgren, then on the Cleveland N.F., was selected for the position of the first Hotshot Superintendent. In 1950, one of the old wooden CCC barracks was partitioned off and converted into a one bedroom, one bath, residence for Eddie and his wife to live in.

In 1953, the construction of permanent facilities was started. These buildings were made using concrete block instead of plywood and canvas. Nappy Martin, Field Engineer in charge, was using force account personnel for the construction of the buildings. However, sometime during that summer, the local masonry labor union found out that the Forest Service was constructing their own buildings and made a complaint about the Forest Service using force account labor. The union was successful in getting the Forest Service to stop the force account work.

Shortly afterword, construction of the new facilities was resumed with the union workers. Union labor completed construction of the three barracks buildings. All of the structures were constructed using cinder block.

Foundation construction

In 1957, the Superintendents house was constructed, there were no additional buildings built during the remaining life of the station. However, there were three trailer sites constructed for Forest Service personnel to rent and live on. Fire crew supervisors used most of these sites.

Following the devastating flood of 1934, the Los Angeles River Flood Prevention Act of 1936 was enacted by the U.S. Congress to build flood control channels and structures throughout the Los Angeles basin and along the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains within the L.A. River watershed of the Angeles National Forest. Then again in 1938, one of the worst floods in the history of L.A. County, killing 85 people and creating millions of dollars of damage, the funding was increased and expanded for decades to come. Hence, the creation of certain Forest Service fire suppression crews to protect this valuable watershed in about 1948.

In the early years, two of the Angeles National Forest Hotshot crews were funded using Los Angeles River watershed funds. These crews were Oak Grove and Chilao Hotshots. Los Angeles River watershed funding for the Forest Service Hotshot crews, was to help reduce the size of wildfires, control these fires quickly, and reduce burned watershed acreage. Los Angeles County wanted to reduce the amount of damage during the winter months. The control of wildfires quickly, would also reduce the funding needed for the repair caused by large wildfires. During the mid 70’s, flood control funding for the Hotshot crews stopped, putting additional pressure on the regional fire budget. In the years the Los Angeles River Flood Prevention Act funded the fire crews, the allocation of funds was approximately $1,300,000 each year, for a number of years, and helped construct needed facilities.

1950-1952 Eddie Lundgren

Ed Smith
Uyless Worlington
Charles T. Smith
Bob Barker
Ray Guardado Sr.

1953-1956 Harold (Tex) Strange

Jack Tice
Jack Horton
Norm White
Tommy Brumfield
Tom Deal – pusher
John Stutler – pusher
Jack Lane – pusher

1957 Dave Westfall

Norm White

1958-1960 Kenneth R. David

Norm White
Chuck Woods
George Hershberger
Bob Switzer

1961-1962 Tom Ralls

Larry Boggs
Reid Marks
Bruce Hamp

1963-1964 George Pond

Reid Marks
John Bowser
Bruce Stevenson

1965-1967 Marty Barrows

Bill Hall
Don Lopez
Jim Reveley

1967-1971 Larry Boggs

Larry Lang Asst. Supertindent
Don Lopez
Bill Hall
Henry Martinez
Jim Frakes
Kee Tsosie
Wayne Crowder (detail)

1971 Aug. to Oct. Mal Ellsion

Chet Cash
Skip Pike

1972-1973 Chet Cash

Skip Pike
Bob Powers
Mike Paul
Todd Heckert
Duane Casitada

1974-1978 Steve Arney

Ron Shurney
Louie Mora
Todd Heckert
Bob Serrato – pusher
Mark Sayles – pusher

Brush hook Bullets…

Eddie Lundgren
Eddie came to the Angeles N.F. from the Cleveland N.F. in 1950. Later in 1953, Eddie returned to the Cleveland N.F. to be a tanker foreman (engine captain), however, the Cleveland needed a Superintendent for the Cleveland Hotshots, so Eddie Lundgren was the Cleveland Hotshot Superintendent for two years.

In 1957, Eddie returned to the Angels N.F., Arroyo Seco Ranger District as District FCA (District FMO).

Harold (Tex) Strange

As told by Troy Kurth… Tex replaced Ned Taylor as the District FCA in about July 1958. I know he was Superintendent of the Oak Grove Hotshots for several years. He told me “the crew stayed the same age and he got a year older every year”. I think he got off the crew after 40 years old because he had a heart scare. I know he married Virginia Strange, I do not know her last name. Virginia was the tanker Foreman at Newhall during WWII. Tex complained about going down to Newhall with his tanker crew to mow the lawn cause the Ranger said it was “hard work for the all girl crew” at Newhall, that’s where Tex met her. Tex was courting her while doing telephone repair work on the Arroyo Seco. RD. He would call her on the telephone line while she was at Newhall. She was the District clerk at Valyermo in 1958; she would go to fires on district with Tex. We would pull up with the tanker and Virginia would tell the Foreman where his assignment was.

I think Tex was Foreman or Patrolman at Red Box, maybe 1938. Tex told me about not having any money so he shot a deer and had it hanging in the basement of his house. For some reason some FS type needed to do work on the house and he had to talk him out of going in. I know Ned Taylor and Don Bedibach were CCC, and very close friends. I know who else came from CCC was Fred Tyler, who was also part of that group. Hugh Masterson was referred to as Baby Hughie, as he was part of the group too. Harry Grace was too. Harry was Tanker Foreman at Big Pines station some 30 years before me. He thought that was funny when I went on the Stanislaus where he was Forest Supervisor. The group made fun of Harry when Harry told them he was “going to go to school and come back as their boss and fire their ass”. He did come back as the Angeles Forest FMO, did not fire them, and saved them from being fired on many occasions!

Tex told me about being on the Fish Fork Fire with the crew and some of the crew members found some old miner graves, dug them up, and kept the skulls. Tex fired them when they got back at Oak Grove. Tex did not want ghouls on the crew. He also said that he would fire anybody who did not work good. When they got off the truck at Oak Grove, he would just say, “you’re fired”, gone.

First time I met Tex was at Tie Summit station. We were putting insulation in the ceiling and I was in the ceiling because George Pond said I was the only one that would fit. It was very hot and the crew was supposed to put the insulation through the crawl hole. There was a slack period, still very hot, I looked down through the hole, and this person was standing there looking at me. I told him to get off his dead ass and “get the blank blank insulation up here”. He did. Later on, I was his very good friend. He told me that after leaving Tie Summit, that day, he decided being FMO was not as important as he thought it was. He hired me from the Alaska Jumpers as Patrolman at Tie Summit, then promoted me to Tanker Foreman at Big Pines and then got me a job at the Arroyo Seco RD, with Jack Lane.

Tex was very proud of his driving record. We were working fires on the Valyermo RD, small lightning fires on the desert front, we would arrive and scratch line around them then on to the next, about a dozen or so. We were headed to Valyermo for fuel, and there was Tex driving the road so we dropped down to wave at him as we came around the corner about 20 to 30 feet off the deck we waved at him. Tex, looked up and saw us and drove off into the sage brush, and then he gave us hell for scaring him.

Tex, did like to drink as they all did. He would pick me up at Big Pines and we would go look at the “tractor lines etc., to do that winter/spring or some such” and visit all the old people in Big Rock Creek or Wrightwood, etc. About half way through the afternoon, I would just stay in the bed of the truck until the next stop. Don, Tex and I would have a little Beam at Valyermo in the winter after work and they would fight the old fires… great evenings.

The Fenner Canyon Guard School always ended with a larger training fire than planned. They would select one of the crews to attack the fire and it would escape the hand crew and the fire would get bigger and then the tankers would move in and lay hose, and pick up the fire. The Bosses would say this is why “we need tankers and trained tanker crews”. Well, Tex decided it was probably his turn with Oak Grove. He did some special training with his crew before the fire school. So, the Bosses started the training fire, Tex and the crew was dispatched. Well, the crew jumped out of the trucks, lined up with heir hardhats and then the crew rushed in and swiped their hardhats full of water at the fire one behind the other. They knocked down the fire. Of course, the Bosses said that was wrong because the crew was now out of drinking water. Tex, said “not true”, Tex had doubled up on the canteens on the truck!

Tex, was a real gentleman. The best… I really liked the old guy.

Dave Westfall

In 1958, Dave was promoted on the Arroyo Seco R.D. to the east side ADFMO position. During the 1958 fire season, and while on an initial attack fire assignment on the Gun fire (started by tracer ammo.) Dave was severally burned while scouting the fire. Trying to escape the fire front, and lost in smoke, Dave fell over a rock, landing on his back, and broke his left foot at the ankle joint with only the tendon holding. Dave’s foot was saved, but the result was that the ankle had to be set in a fixed position.

Norm White, was one of the Oak Grove Foreman in 1956 to 1958, later taking the Santa Anita Fire Prevention position, and working for Dave Westfall. Norm White, was with Dave Westfall, when Dave broke his ankle, and was severally burned with 3rd. degree burns over most of his body. Eventually, Norm died of complications while in the hospital. Norm White, was married to Marilyn and at the time of the accident, she was pregnant with their first child.

Ken David

In 1946, Ken worked on the Plumas NF, as a crew supervisor for an inmate crew. He married his wife Annette in 1947 in Utah.

During 1957, Ken was the horse patrol FPT on the Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF, until 1958, when he became the Oak Grove Hotshot Superintendent. Ken transferred to the Long Barn RD, Stanislaus NF, as the District FMO during 1961 to 1965.

In 1966 to 1969, Ken worked at the Job Corp. Center, in Fenner Canyon, Angeles NF, and from there he transferred to the Redding Air Center (1969-72) Shasta Trinity NF, as the Budget Finance Specialist.

In 1971 to 19??, Ken became the Employee Development Specialist on the San Bernardino NF and finished his career on that forest.

Tom Ralls

Tom started his career in 1954, as a TTO on the San Bernardino N.F., then in 1955, he was picked up as PFT as a TTO at the Arcadia station on the Angeles N.F. and then Foreman. In 1956 he was drafted in the U.S. Army

Returning from the U.S. Army in 1958, Tom accepted the Arroyo Seco Canyon Fire Prevention position. From the position as FPT, he became an Oak Grove Hotshot Foreman during the 1959/60 season. Then in 1961 be became the Oak Grove Superintendent. In 1963, he was promoted to the high country Asst. District Fire Management Officer position at the Clear Creek station.

In 1964, Tom, took a detail to the Stanislaus N.F. on the Twain Harte R.D., to establish the first Stanislaus Hotshot crew there. Tom had to plan, supervise, and build a temporary tent camp for the Hotshot crew.

1965 Tom transferred to the Groveland RD, of the Stanislaus N.F. as DFMO.

In 1974, he transferred to the Palomar R.D., Cleveland N.F. as ADFMO and then in 1981 became the DFMO on the Palomar R.D., Cleveland N.F.. In 1985, Tom became the Asst. Forest Fire Management Officer on the Cleveland N.F. until retirement.

George Pond

In September 1954, George started as a crewman at Tie Summit (Mill Creek) station, working for Ralph Johnson. Between 1955-57 George became a TTO (tank truck operator) and then Foreman. He then moved to the Buckhorn station as patrolman and snow-ranger in 1957-59. He then spent two years in the Army and teh returned to the Buckhorn station. In 1961 he moved to Valyermo as AFMO for Tex Strange. In mid 1963, George moved to Oak Grove as Hotshot Superintendent. In 1965 he moved to the Shasta Trinity NF as DFMO and then later in late 1969, he left the Forest Service, and went to work for the California Department of Forestry (CDF), retiring from CDF in 2003.

Larry Boggs

Oak Grove Hotshot crewman Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF
Tanker Foreman Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF
Oak Grove Hotshot Foreman Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF
Smokejumper (detail) Redding, CA
Fire Prevention Technician Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF
Chilao HS, Asst. Superintendent Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF
Oak Grove Superintendent Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF
DFMO Coffee Creek RD, Shasta-T NF
DFMO Greenville RD, Plumas NF

Woody Wood Pecker Logo

The crew logo, at the time, was the Forest Service badge, routed in redwood and no one on the crew like it.

Several of the other Hotshot crews had their own crew logo that was identifiable with their crew.

Larry’s opinion was that the crew should have a logo that would identify the Oak Grove Hotshots and a logo the crew would like. Larry believed the crew logo should be fun and from an organizational stand point, not-controversial.

Below is the 1955 crew truck and crew truck sign. The truck sign was the same logo but was a little larger, and painted on Masonite, colorful but not a logo to be identified with a Hotshot crew.

In June 1967, the crew was working at the Arcadia Fire Warehouse for several weeks performing heavy building maintenance work. Ruth Coe, was the fire warehouse clerk there and Larry discovered that her husband Al Coe, was a cartoonist. Larry asked Ruth if she would ask her husband if he would be willing to draw a logo or mascot for the Oak Grove Hotshot crew.

Al Coe was an artist for the Walter Lantz Production Studio, in Burbank California. Al’s specialty was drawing the cartoon caricature Woody Woodpecker. A few days after asking Ruth Coe about her husband drawing a crew logo, Ruth informed Larry that Al had spoken with Walter Lantz and Mr. Lantz had given Al approval to develop a logo for the Oak Grove Hotshot crew.

Along with the approval to use the Woody Woodpecker caricature, was a letter from Walter Lantz, giving the crew permission to use Woody Woodpecker for anything associated with or for the crew identification. However, Woody Woodpecker was “copyrighted” and only the Oak Grove Hotshot crew was authorized to use the caricature. Any other use other than for the Oak Grove Hotshot crew was prohibited.

In about three weeks, Ruth Coe, brought three proofs of Al’s ideas for the new crew logo. All three proofs were similar but the crew picked the caricature with Woody Woodpecker chasing a fire flame with a shovel out stretched over his head, ready to swat the flame like a fly.

Woody Woodpecker proof

Original Woody Woodpecker proof

The rest is history. A local artist in Pasadena, California, first painted the Woody Woodpecker logo. The logo was round about 30 inches in diameter and installed on the crew truck.

Below is the first Woody Woodpecker truck logo mounted on an Oak Grove Hotshot crew truck. If you look at the bottom of the logo, you can read the “Copyright W.L.P.” required by the Walter Lance Production Studio.

Crew Truck Logo Sign

After the Woody Woodpecker crew truck logo was completed, Larry had patches made for crew vests, shirts, and baseball hats. Larry also had decals made for the crew hard hats.

Woody Patch

After completing the Woody Woodpecker patches and decals, Larry had each logo type with a picture of the crew truck, matted and framed for both Al Coe and Walter Lantz. Ruth was asked if she would have her husband Al, deliver the framed items to Walter Lantz. About a week later, Ruth informed Larry that her husband Al had delivered the framed Woody Woodpecker artwork to Walter Lantz and that Mr. Lantz was so happy with the gift that he placed it on his office wall next to all of the studios awards and commendations. So, one could assume that the Oak Grove Hotshots logo was hung next to a picture of “THE” Woody Woodpecker.

Chet Cash

Tanker Foreman Mt. Baldy RD, Angeles NF
Oak Grove HS Superintendent Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF
ADFMO Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF
DFMO Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF
DFMO Santa Maria RD, Los Padres NF
DFMO Santa Lucia RD, Los Padres NF

Steve Arney

Dalton HS crew member Mt. Baldy RD, Angeles NF
Fire Prevention Mt. Baldy RD, Angeles NF
Tanker Foreman Mt. Baldy RD, Angeles NF
Oak Grove HS Superintendent Arroyo Seco RD, Angeles NF
DFMO Truckee RD, Tahoe NF
Fuels Officer Foresthill RD, Tahoe NF

In 1979, the crew was not funded and was disbanded, making Steve the last Oak Grove Hotshot Superintendent.

Steve accepted a position as a D.F.M.O. on the Truckee Ranger District, Tahoe National Forest.


All new JF’s (junior Foresters) as they were referred to, were hired right out of college. JF’s on the Arroyo Seco R.D. were assigned on the Oak Grove Hotshots and tanker (engine) crew at Oak Grove.

In the early years, everyone hired by the Forest Service, was expected to support fire suppression in some capacity. New hires were given the basic fire training by the Hotshot and tanker crew Foreman (Captain). The new foresters were required to participate in all fire training and crew project work. The new JF’s were required to work on fire crews for two years, and at the end of their two years, they were then assigned forester work.

There were two reasons for assigning new foresters to fire crews. First, there was the requirement that everyone support fire suppression. Secondly, the new hires experienced working with crews, supervision, and other duties as assigned.

The assignment caused great anxiety and frustration for some of the newly graduated foresters. The young JF’s felt they had spent 4-5 years in college and fully expected to be assigned a position in forestry and given an office. Because some of the new JF’s were not given forester positions when first hired, some of the new hires quit.

The following was the reply to an email I sent to Mike Rogers, who at the time was the Angeles Fire Staff (FFMO/Chief).

We were recently asked how the decommissioning of the Oak Grove Hotshots came about as it is not part of the history we have in our blog. As I recall, you were the fire staff during that period of time. Is it possible that you could supply us with that part of the history of the crew, so we could include it on our site?
Thanks so much.
Steve Arney

With only minor editing, the following is Mike’s reply.

Hi Steve,

I was the Fire Staff Officer (Chief) on the Angeles from 1977-1981. We had six Hot Shot Crews on the Angeles in 1977. Dalton, Oak Grove, Chilao, Little T, Bear Divide and Texas Canyon. There were a combination of things that happened. First, Dick Millar retired as Regional Deputy Regional Forester for Fire. He was replaced by Lynn Biddison from R-3. Bob Solari was on the RO Fire Staff at the time in charge of Planning. When the budgets came out at the RO they were printed on computer sheets that folded accordion style with tear off strips along each side with holes which lined up with the printer sprolls. When the Angeles Budget printed out three crews showed up on the front sheet and three were directly down from the first three but on the sheet that folded under. Chief Biddison did not realize this. I got a call from Lynn notifying me that the national fire budget funded only three of our Hot Shot Crews when in reality that was not the case. My DFFMO, Jim Stumpf and I dutifully made plans to fit within what we were told was the budget. When we eventually received the print outs for the Angeles we realized that in reality all of our six crews were funded, however, we were told to drop Oak Grove, Little T and Chilao. Also at this time the Oak Grove and Chilao crews had been partially funded out of the Los Angeles River Flood Prevention Act, a specific Congressional Act that was written in the years following the 1938 floods that wiped out all of the foothill communities, plus Pasadena, Glendale and Los Angeles. This had been the case following the passage of the Act in 1950. In the 1970’s the U S Soil Conservation Service, they held the budget these dollars came from, begin a series of reviews as they seriously questioned the continuation of this program (which incidentally continued at a reduced level of funding until President Bill Clinton wiped out five long standing national flood prevention programs in the 1990’s with the stroke of a pen his first year in office). As fate would have it, the reduction in the Los Angeles River Flood Prevention Act coincided with the error made by R-5 A&FM Director Biddison. When the error was pointed out we were told that the Angeles had six Hot Shot Crews while most Forests had one or none. So in the fog of the error the Lassen got a crew, the Sierra got a crew and possibly the Eldorado got a crew. We made the case that the crews were based in southern California because that is where the greatest values at risk were and fire histories on the four southern National Forests justified this positioning. We also pointed out that the Angeles and the other southern California National Forests always readily shipped these crews north when there was a need with no questions asked and they were available on the southern California National Forests in the peak September, October, November Fire Season. Our rationale was ignored. As it has turned out since this decision was made, when southern California is experiencing major wildfires in the fall of the year and desperately needs experienced Hot Shot Crews the central and northern forests have laid off all of their Hot Shot Crews because their fire seasons have ended. We were told when this shift of crews stationed in southern California was made that the northern crews would always be made available whenever southern California needed them, but this has never been the case. The Little T Crew was eventually resurrected in 2001.

When I first went to work on the Angeles in 1957 as a firefighter at Chilao on Crew 1-5-1 there were four Hot Shot Crews on the Forest; Chilao, Dalton, Oak Grove and Texas Canyon. The Cleveland NF had one crew, the El Cariso Hot Shots, The Los Padres NF had one crew, the Los Prietos Hot Shots, and The San Bernardino NF had one crew, the Del Rosa Hot Shots.

The 1970 R-5 Fire Planning effort resulted in additional engines and Hot Shot Crews being located in southern California with the Angeles ending up with six Hot Shot Crews and each of the other three southern California National Forests ending up with three each for a total of 15 Hot Shot Crews stationed in southern California.

In all reality, we (Jim Stump, Bill Dresser, Art Carroll and I) did not want to let any of the crews go. We had the work load and we were geographically situated to send crews off where ever they were needed (Burbank, LAX, Ontario). Our original 4 crews were more than justified in the 1970 Fire Planning Analysis requested of all forests by the Regional Office, plus justified the addition of two more crews, Little T and Bear Divide. About this same time the LA River Flood Prevention Program financing began to collapse. That was the core funding for Oak Grove and Chilao. When our position of keeping all 6 crews would not prevail, Jim Stumpf and I made the painful decision that we would eliminate 1 of the six and see what happened next. Oak Grove was the most vulnerable, as we did not have the LA River budget and it was back to back with Los Angeles County’s Camp 2, which responded to all of our wildland wildfires along the Angeles front if they were in camp. The Chilao Crew location was very strategic in that Chilao’s response was all downhill, with the exception of going north on the Angeles Crest Hwy and they could go all directions from Chilao, plus there was a heliport at Chilao for fast attack. Bear Divide had a similar advantage. As you know the funding for Chilao was cobbled together through 1983 thanks to the efforts of Jim Stumpf, Mike Edrington and District Ranger Terry Ellis. They kept the crew going as long as they could. In the interim Little T was also eliminated because of Fire Funding budget cuts (actually the funds were taken from the two dropped crews on the Angeles and sent to the Lassen and Sierra NF for newly established Hot Shot Crews in the late 70’s). Suddenly the Angeles went from 6 Hot Shot Crews to 4 (down to 3 in 1983 when Chilao could no longer be funded) and stayed that way until the resurrection of the Little T Hot Shot Crew in 2001.

Mike Rogers


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Make your plans for May 19 and 20.

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UP DATE 6-13-2018

The May 2018 Oak Grove Hotshot Reunion, held at beautiful South Lake Tahoe, was very successful with almost 80 folks attending that included Angeles retirees, girlfriends, wives and family. Donations for the auction collected over $1,700 for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. After discussing the issue of seed money for the 2020 reunion with the foundation, it was agreed that the Oak Grove Hotshots would send them $1,100 now and retain the remaining funds. If the funds are not used as an expenditure for the 2020 reunion, then the balance will be sent to the Foundation.
We want to thank those that attended the reunion, the folks that gave items for the auction and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation for their help.

UP DATE 3-26-2018

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UPDATE 12-27-2017
Oak Grove Hotshots
2018 Reunion
Oak Grove Hotshot
2018 Reunion

MAY 22 and 23
We are proud to announce, due to a generous
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The second item for auction is two adult tickets to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. These tickets have been donated and the reserve bid for the two tickets is only $100. The value is $300 and minimum bids are $5.
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UPDATE 12-6-2017
Oak Grove Hotshot
2018 Reunion

May 22 and 23
This is your invitation to an exciting 68 year reunion. We have so much going on besides the comradery with our crew and fellow firefighters. We will have a silent auction and memorabilia such as Oak Grove Hotshot Tee shirts, patches, rings and coffee mugs with the reunion logo above. All profits from the memorabilia will go to support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

We are returning to the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. Call: 530.544.5400 or 877.497.8483 for reservations.
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Tee shirt orders are now being taken by Larry Boggs at: larryboggs7851@gmail.com
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We will be auctioning a helmet and you can start the bidding before the reunion.
The aluminum Bullard helmet was donated by the late Bud Parrott of the San Bernardino N.F. and refurbished by Larry Boggs. The decal on the front of the helmet is an original 1960’s era donated by Bob Brady.

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2016 WFF Cert.
We just received a “Certificate of Appreciation” from the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, giving the Oak Grove Hotshot crew GOLD CLUB MEMBER status in the 52 club. We should all be very proud of our contributions to the WFF and challenge all Hotshot crews to becoming GOLD CLUB MEMBERS.

On July 22, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) posted on their Facebook page that they had received a $600 donation from the Oak Grove Hotshots. This donation came from the sale of “patches”, coins, tee shirts, etc. Without your support we would not have been able to do it. Fellow crew members like Larry Boggs and Chuck Grennell, jumped right in to do the logistical work necessary to make this happen. Your continued support of the WFF and the Oak Grove Hotshots is greatly appreciated.

Great group and a wonderful time telling and hearing the stories again. As old as we all are now, it seemed therapeutic to see those that we have not seen in years. We had several folks that have never attended a reunion and are planning for the next one in 2018. The Lake Tahoe area and the hotel facility for our event continue to be excellent.
Through sales of patches and trading coins, we were able to donate $600.00 to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation in the name of the Oak Grove Hotshots.
We hope to see even more next time and keep those comments and postings coming in.
16 Reunion 13
Steve Arney and his wife Gig from Roseville, CA
Jack Von Ah and his wife Martha from Godfrey, IL
Larry Boggs and his wife Nancy from Chico, CA
Chuck Grennell from Arnold, CA
Wolfgang Tamm and his wife Norma from Sunland, CA
Jim Frakes from Clarkston, WA
George Roby from Claremont, CA
Tom Ralls and his wife Marilyn from Escondido, CA
John (Bill) Vaughan from Coronado, CA
George Hershberger and his wife Mary from Blackfoot, ID
Robert Olin from Olancha, CA
Royal Mannion and his wife Kathy from Redding, CA
Dave Rhodes from Lewiston, CA
Mike McGeragle and his wife Sandy from Angeles Camp, CA
Jim Stumpf and his wife Jean from Meridan, ID
Todd Heckert from Shelton, WA
Greg Ruggles from Temple City, CA
Gary Reynolds from Volcano, CA
Mike Dougherty from Star, ID
Fred Schoeffler from Pine, AZ
Chirs Cuzynski and his wife Suzie from Alta Loma, CA
Claude Marsh and his wife Gwen from Minden, NV
Paul Copeland and his wife Kathy from Sierra Madre, CA
Chet Cash from Arroyo Grande, CA
Duane Casita from Volcano, CA
Bob Concklin and his wife Darlene from Petaluma, CA
John Bowser and his wife Earlene from Alta Loma, CA
Kenny Peugh and his wife Betty Sue from Orleans, CA
Jack Lane and his wife Joyce from Little Rock, CA
Tom Kruschke from Oxnard, CA
Collin Kruschke from Camarillo, CA
Dick Williamson and his wife Patty from Twain Hart, CA
Clar Byers from Minden, NV
Bob Powers and his wife Barbra from Twin Falls, ID
Mike Gutierrez from Norco, CA
Tom Akins and his wife Lorna from Groveland, CA

Where are the attendee’s from:
CA = 26 IL = 2 WA = 2 ID = 7 AZ = 1 NV = 3

16 Reunion 1 Left Collin Kruschke Kenny Peugh
Left Collin Kruschke and Kenny Peugh

L. Dave Rhodes  Chet Cash

L. Dave Rhodes Chet Cash

Jim Stumpf second from R.

Jim Stumpf second from R.

L.  Dick Williamson

L. Dick Williamson

Collin Kruschke

Collin Kruschke

16 Reunion 3c
16 Reunion 4
Jean Stumpf far right next to Gwen Marsh

Jean Stumpf far right next to Gwen Marsh

L. Suzie Cuzynski  Patty Williamson

L. Suzie Cuzynski Patty Williamson

16 Reunion 5c
L.  Gig Arney

L. Gig Arney

16 Reunion 6c
Betty Sue Peugh

Betty Sue Peugh

L.  Stumpf  Earlene and John Bowser  Claude Marsh

L. Stumpf Earlene and John Bowser Claude Marsh

center  Tom Kruschke

center Tom Kruschke

Gary Reynolds

Gary Reynolds

Chuck Grennel

Chuck Grennel

Tom Akins

Tom Akins

Chris Cuzynski  far R

Chris Cuzynski far R

Wolfgang Tamm

Wolfgang Tamm

Duane Casita  over left shoulder of Chet Cash

Duane Casita over left shoulder of Chet Cash

16 Reunion 11c
16 Reunion 12
16 Reunion 12c
Sandy McGeragle

Sandy McGeragle

16 Reunion 14
16 Reunion 14c
Jim Frakes

Jim Frakes

L.  Bill Vaughn

L. Bill Vaughn

Mike Dougherty

Mike Dougherty

16 Reunion 17c
middle   Clar Byers

middle Clar Byers

16 Reunion 19
L.  Bob Olin

L. Bob Olin

16 Reunion 21
Tom Ralls

Tom Ralls

Bob Powers

Bob Powers

R.  Steve Arney

R. Steve Arney

L.  Mary Hershberger

L. Mary Hershberger

16 Reunion 26

16 Reunion 27

16 Reunion 28

16 Reunion 29

16 Reunion 30

16 Reunion 31

16 Reunion 32

George Hershberger

George Hershberger

16 Reunion 34
Nancy Boggs

Nancy Boggs

Royal Mannion

Royal Mannion

middle  Paul Copeland

middle Paul Copeland

16 Reunion 38
L.  Dave Rhodes

L. Dave Rhodes

16 Reunion 40
Bob Conklin

Bob Conklin

R.  Barb Powers

R. Barb Powers

Mike Gutierrez

Mike Gutierrez

Jack and Joyce Lane

Jack and Joyce Lane

16 Reunion 45

16 Reunion 46

16 Reunion 47

16 Reunion 48

16 Reunion 49

16 Reunion 50

From the top  Norma Tamm  Mike McGeragle  Jack VonAh  Martha VonAh  Sandy McGeragle  Gig Arney  Wolf Tann

From the top Norma Tamm Mike McGeragle Jack VonAh Martha VonAh Sandy McGeragle Gig Arney Wolf Tamm

16 Reunion 52

Larry Boggs

Larry Boggs

George Roby

George Roby

Mike McGeragle

Mike McGeragle

<img src="https://oakgrovehotshots.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/16-reunion-r26.jpg?w=300"

[caption id="attachment_876" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Fred Schoeffler Fred Schoeffler

Your Stay With us

Dear Steve Arney,

Our team is getting a little antsy. They’re coming up with special recipes, creative cocktails and ideas on the best places to ski, hike, golf and explore.

All because they caught wind that you’ll be joining us on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 and have reserved a K suite for 2 night(s). They want to ensure you experience Tahoe like a local. That’s part of our “My Tahoe” pledge; to provide you with an “inside experience” of our little pocket of amazing.

As you can see, we’re looking forward to your visit. As you’re about to see, we’ve also got quite a lineup in place while you’re here.

The Gondola and Heavenly Village (shopping, skating, miniature golf, etc…) is just steps from your room and minutes from the slopes. 24 hour entertainment is just a few steps across the Stateline; Lake Tahoe is a ten minute walk out the front door and scenic hiking trails are just out the back door.

Then again, you’ll find plenty happening right here at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. You’ll get a free breakfast buffet every morning, including bakery delights, fresh fruit and our special egg casserole. After that, you might consider a trip to our Exercise Room or Pool — conveniently located next to the breakfast atrium. Our 24 hour covered valet parking is just $26 per day and can be added now by calling 530-544-5400, or when you arrive.

Lastly, if you’re the kind who likes to explore destinations through the eyes of a local, chat up any of our staff for details. Each one wears a name badge that says a little about their passions in life, everything from sharing the best hiking trail, best beach, best golf course, or the best ski run.

Your suite is ready and so are we. See you soon.

The Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Team

MAY 24TH and 25th
LAKE TAHOE RESORT HOTEL 530.543.2114 for reservations
Keyword: for reservation discount OAK GROVE HOTSHOT
Happy New Year! 2016 is here and in only five (5) short months, so will our reunion. Come join us in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California. This Reunion is not limited to Oak Grove Hotshots. All former and current Forest Service employees are welcome. Space can be limited so get your reservations in now and mark your calendar. See you there and Boggs is buying.
We have made arrangements with the Dunham Manufacturing Company to produce a Woody logo ring and the Pine Tree logo ring. The rings are model 1031-RT in the Category of a Family Crest. The metal is Palisil (silver) and considered white in color. Engraving is free with perhaps the year/s you were on the crew or Forest. Design work has been paid for. The price for the ring is $118 plus $15 shipping. Contact:
Fernando Corral fernando@dunham-mfg.com
Dunham Jewelry Manufacturing, Inc.
7730 Trade Center Ave. El Paso TX 79912
Phone: 915.845.1722 Toll Free: 1.866.545.1722 Fax: 915.845.7584
Woody ring 2

For the benefit of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) all proceeds from the sale of both the “Pine Tree” patch and the “Woody” patch, will go to the Foundation.
Buy one for yourself, your children and grandchildren and tell them the history of these fine patches. We believe the “Pine Tree” patch (circa 1955) was the first unofficial patch used by the Forest Service. Here is how you get them:
Contact Chuck Grennell either by emailing Chuck at: chuckgrennell@gmail.com or call him at: area code 209.795.4782. Or even if you prefer snail-mail, his mailing address is: P.O. Box 2506, Arnold, CA 95223
Cost is $4.00 per patch for either one and up to 4 patches for a $1.00 mailing fee. Up to 8 patches for $2.00 mailing fee and Chuck will negotiate on order-by-order beyond 8.
Both patches are on sale now and will also be available at the reunion if any are left, so we suggest you order now because the stock is limited.
Also, please pass the word to those you know about these patches and where the proceeds will go. Support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF).
OGHS patches

MAY 24TH and 25th

LAKE TAHOE RESORT HOTEL 530.543.2114 for reservations
Keyword: for reservation discount OAK GROVE HOTSHOT

For the benefit of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) all proceeds from the sale of both the “Pine Tree” patch and the “Woody” patch, pictured below, will go to the Foundation.
Buy one for yourself, your children and grandchildren and tell them the history of these fine patches. We believe the “Pine Tree” patch (circa 1955) was the first unofficial patch used by the Forest Service. You can find a similar patch on ebay for more than twice the price and the profits do not go to the WFF.
Here is how you get them:
Contact Chuck Grennell either by emailing Chuck at: chuckgrennell@gmail.com or calling him at: area code 209.795.4782. Or even if you prefer snail-mail, his mailing address is: P.O. Box 2506, Arnold, CA 95223
Cost is $4.00 per patch for either one and up to 4 patches for a $1.00 mailing fee. Up to 8 patches for $2.00 mailing fee and Chuck will negotiate on order-by-order beyond 8.
Both patches are on sale now and will also be available at the reunion if available, so we suggest you order now because the stock is limited.
Also, please pass the word to those you know about these patches and where the proceeds will go. Support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

Well, it’s on!! The 2016 Oak Grove Hotshot Reunion Committee has selected both the location and the date for the next reunion.
Mark your calendars for May 24th and 25th (Tuesday and Wednesday) of 2016 for South Lake Tahoe. This reunion will be informal as was the 2014.
We are returning to the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel at Heavenly for a variety of reasons including central location, a variety of “things to do”, and the companionable atmosphere of the atrium.
Reservations can be made either by calling toll-free to: 1.800.988.9895 or by going to the hotel’s website: http://www.tahoeresorthotel.com and using the group code: OAKGROVE.
Room rates are $109 for a standard King plus tax. The hotel is also giving us a valet parking and Internet (WiFi) reduction during our stay.
We are also working on keepsake items that include patches and ring. The first patch is the pine tree patch on a shield with a green border and “Angeles” written on top with “Natlforest” along the bottom. The next patch is the Woody logo patch. Both of these patches will cost an estimated $2.50 each if you purchase at the reunion. Otherwise $2.50 plus mailing charges if mailed to you. The next item is a ring called a “family crest” style ring with either of the two logos mentioned above. The cost of these rings will depend on the metal you order it with and will range about $90 up. Any proceeds will go to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.
We will need your input on your interest on the patches and ring and please be specific as to the item.
Feedback is always appreciated.
Woody Woodpecker patch
old patch 004

A little update on our proposed 2016 Reunion. At this point the Oak Grove Hotshot Crew Association (O.G.H.C.A.) is about 90% certain that we will have a 2016 Reunion, the question is where. The OGHCA is looking into opportunities at the following locations: Reno (two sites) South Lake Tahoe (same place we used in 2014) Sacramento (two sites) San Fransisco Bay area, San Diego and a nice invitation from Tom York in Ojai. We have established criteria for the site and we know no matter where we have the reunion it will not fit the needs for everyone.
If you have comments please contact us at: oghotshot@comcast.net

Went out via email contact list on Jan. 15, 2015
Possible Oak Grove Hotshot 2016 reunion
We are investigating interest in having a 2016 reunion to be held in May and we need your help.
We have had two wonderful reunions, one in 2012 that was pretty formal with speakers, memorabilia and a luncheon. In 2014 we had a very informal reunion that was basically a get together.
This reunion is open to any former Forest Service employee and spouses that would like to participate.
Please hit your reply button and tell us yes or no and if a “yes”, let us know what kind of reunion you would like and where.
Email: oghotshot@comcast.net
Thank you, Oak Grove Hotshot 2016 Reunion committee.

I just saw a note from Mike Rogers supporting the proposed reunion in May. Yes I think its a great idea, Reno is a good place. May I suggest the Atlantis—great rates.

Yes. Formal or informal. No location preference.
Dick Williamson

Yes, I am very interested. Tahoe was nice, but is that centrally located for all?
Gerry Himango

Reunion Committee:

Although I had planned on attending the 2012 & 2014 Reunion’s, unfortunately; I was unable. I will be clearing my calendar early to attend the 2016 reunion……so my answer is YES.

Whichever reunion format (formal vs. informal) would yield the greatest attendance may be something to consider.

If you are searching for a location, perhaps San Diego would be an attractive option. I would be able to assist with the logistics and coordinate with the management of potential venues. Just a thought.

Thanks in advance for the opportunity to provide feedback.
Brian Fennessy
Assistant Fire Chief Emergency Operations
San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

Yes, definitely.
Larry Thomas

I really enjoyed both reunions, but the informal style left us a lot of options. I’m willing to travel.
Tom Kruschke

Yes, A informal maybe with a dinner.
Claude Marsh

yes, perhaps a mix between 12 and 14
Jim Stumpf

Jim Robb

Yes we would come just let us know when and where
Jack Lane

Hi Steve,
I would support a get together in May. The 1st part of May does not work for us as I am tied up on a large project for the US Navy the 1st two weeks in May. I agree with George Roby, keep it informal and that Reno would be a good location, easy to get in and out of, good room rates, lots of good inexpensive food choices. There are some good Basque Restaurants in Reno that would work for a large group. I like the Basque Restaurant in the Santa Fe Hotel in the heart of downtown Reno. May is part of the slow season in the tourist industry in Reno so you should get some excellent group rates in late May. We do have our oldest grandson graduating from High School in Virginia the 1st week in June, so June of 2015 would not work for me.
Mike Rogers

Happy New Year to you and yours.
I’d be interested in participating again – depending on the dates you choose. I’d recommend an informal gathering again – maybe with an evening happy hour with no host bar and appetizers in Reno again. This would help get/force everyone to gather in one place to mix and mingle and trade war stories – without a formal agenda. Reno’s pretty easy to get to, reasonable room rates, reasonable food, entertainment, etc.
The week you’ve been having it is not good for us (and a few others) due to the conflict with the Los Padres Compadres Reunion at Pozo. Some of us could make it work better if you scheduled the OG reunion for 2 or 3 days during the period of May 20 to June 6. If this makes it difficult for others I wouldn’t change your normal dates.
Just food for thought. Best Regards, G.A.

Yah, Sure getting together again would be fun. Loved hearing the stories that were told!
Greg Ruggles

This sounds good to me. I liked the informal style better of the two.
Chuck Grennell

Yes. Like 2014.
Bruce Hamp

I would definitely attend a 2016 reunion. In fact, if there is enough interest to schedule one, I would be happy to assist in putting it together. I planned a lot of training and other sessions while working for the FS and I have some good ideas for locations and securing good rates for lodging.
If I may suggest, in order to assure good weather, maybe early fall would be better. It seams that every year I plan a trip somewhere in May there is inclement weather for at least part of it. Not so in September. Lodging rates and availability can be much better after schools resumes in fall as well. Also, how about coming up with three choices for location and then putting it to a vote by those who pledge to attend?
Please share my input with your mailing list and let me know if you like any of those ideas.
Wayne Crowder

Yes Do Not care where as long as I can find a trailer park close. Just like to visit with friends.
Bob Powers

Larry & Steve:
Yes. Inviting “all” former USFS is a good idea, although, you may want to consider indicating in your invitation something along these lines: “Who were former Hot Shots anywhere in the system, associated with Hot Shot
crews in any manner, interested in the Hot Shot Program & History & wildland fire suppression issues past &/or present, or persons who worked in other fire management positions including smokejumpers or other persons
with assignments on wildfires.”
McClellan in Sac is a location worth considering. Lots of associated perks on base & nearby to attract attendees. The USFS Fire Training Center & the Air & Space Museum for example. Easy to get to & reasonable & good
quarters. Good food & booze, conference & meeting room setting both informal & formal. Even a swimming pool.
Too big an explanation I know. Also, you could perhaps combine the informal with formal (20% formal & 80% informal).
Bill Derr

sounds good to me
Paul Copeland

YES. Maybe a dinner together w/a guest speaker who would speak the truth about planned direction FS going in general, with emphasis on Aviation and Fire mngt. Forest,Region, or national Staff.
John Bowser

Yes, same location as in 2012
Mike Gutierrez

Mike Page

Hi There,
I would be interested in a reunion of some type. Location anywhere, type, informal.
Tom Way

Tom Hensley

Yes,this sounds like fun and Reno or Tahoe would be great. Thanks for inviting Chilao.
Hans Holtz

Yes I will go. I have no preference where or what kind of gathering. Thanks!

Here’s a thought. Talk to the City of Pasadena (I think they own our former camp) about a huge BBQ at Oak Grove. We get volunteers to clean the place up a little, set up EZ ups, BBQs, beer etc. I would help, might even bring a few kegs of homemade beer!
Robert Hewitt

YES. Something onor closer to the Angeles would be nice.

Steve Slate

Although I was unable to make either of the first two reunions, I would like to see another gathering in 2016 and would plan to attend if possible. I would prefer a location in southern California near the ANF.

Bruce Bundick
Chilao 1971-1991

Yes, I am interested
Lynn Biddison

Yes I would be interested either Reno Tahoe od San Diego might be nice to invite all the area hotshot crews and sorry Tom K lost your e-mail address.
Gene Allara

Yes im interested reno sounds good.
Gary Kruth

Yes it sounds good. Informal.
Joe Gutierez

Yes I would be interested. I’d have to say LA county area.
Glenn Wears

Chris Slate has an interest. Let me know any updates.

No, but thanks and keep up the good work.
Joe Gamm

Mike McGeragle

Would love to attend another reunion! If i can make it i`ll be there. Still like to hear war stores. And there are some real good ones out there. So , don`t care where or what kind I hope to be there.
Jerry O`Dell

Yes I think I would like to attend in May 2016
Ken Mc Cool

Yes, I’ll be looking forward to this reunion, having missed the last one.
Anywhere is good for me, coming from Prescott, az

Bill Barnard

I would be interested, I was on OGHS in 1966

Jack Von Ah

Since Debbie and I own the management agreement for Soule Park Golf Course in Ojai, we would like to offer our facility for a combination golf and BBQ or Banquet in our banquet facility. If you are interested we could either do something in our banquet room after an optional golf outing or we could set up our picnic tables outside. There are lots of options for either a casual or formal get together.

If this is something you would like to do, you can contact Debbie at 760-207-8832 or email her at debdylandaulton@aol.com. She can go over the options and costs for food or drink. I can be reached at the number below or soulepark@att.net.

Thanks, Tom York

I would be interested if it was local.

Don McCormack

I would be interested in attending. I would be fine with a somewhat informal event.

Mike Dougherty

I would like to come

Rick Waite

Yes. Reno would be a good place. Let me know.

Gary Reynolds

I would like another informal get together. It made it possible to get reacquainted. We’ve had the meetings in the north and south, how about some place in the central part of the state?

I’m interested, I haven’t been to any yet because I’ve been out of town on both occasions. Sounds like fun…

Shawn Walls

Go for it. Tahoe is always a good bet in May. Maybe Vegas if its not to far away for folks.

Mark Sayles

Yes, I am interested in a May, 2016 Oak Grove Hotshot Reunion. I had the time of my life photographing the Hot Shots in the summer of 1968. I was at the reunion in Lake Tahoe and
thoroughly enjoyed meeting forest fire fighters from all eras.
Tim Brehm

yep that yes and tell me where I be there ken Peugh all in

Oak Grove hotshot 2016 reunion committee_____yes I am interested in another reunion. I had to miss the last one due to death in the family. Lake Taco is a great place with lots of things to do.

Duane Casita

Reno sounds fine to me. We like the Silver Legacy in downtown Reno. Reasonable room rates, good close parking, and it’s near other casinos and restaurants.

Royal Mannion

Reno will work for me.

Chris Kruschke


Ron Kilby


Bob Swinford

No , will not make it. Hope u have a great event!

Bob Serrato

Chris Slate is very interested as is my brother Steve. Thank you for chasing me down

Yes I am interested. I prefer a informal get together in the north or central part of the state.

Todd Heckert

wont be able to make it

Ron Shurney

How about Bakersfield, CA. with a luncheon Buffet, and party down at the BUCK OWENS CLUB ? I would like each person introduce themselves and assignments they held. I’ll be there at any location you pick. Jerry Rice Moorhead, Iowa.

I’m interested. Informal, Reno works for me
John schaffer

I’d be ready for another one. I don’t care where it’s held. Tom Ralls

I will not at the reunion thank you Denis Mitchell

I won’t be able to make it. But glad this gathering is continuing on.
Tom Pogue

To:whoever is giving so generously of their time.
I would love to join in, but excuses,excuses; too old, wouldnt recognize anyone etc. etc. I was a summer employee for two summers in the late 50’s. Stationed at Oak Grove Ranger Station. A Hot Shot the first year; foreman was a great man. He died in a fire east of there the following summer. I arrived at that fire as a TTO shortly afterward. I believe his first name was Norm and the last name I do not recall. Another friend I recall from those days was a big tall fellow, Dave Lake.
I was injured on a fire my last summer and they used me to replace the lookout on Mendenhal Peak ( while she took leave ) and then finished the summer at Little Tujunga RS.
I loved my time with the USFS, but went on to another career which I am still at part time. I cannot commit, but this event is in my bucket list. Again thank you and everyone and please keep me on your mailing list. Blue Skies and a low fire danger.
Tom “OB 1” OBryon

No thanks, Ray Coker

Yes, informal
Jim Reveley

Yes!! Jerry Rice

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Oak Grove Hot Shot Memorabilia
The “Woody vinyl decals” used first on OGHS hardhats, are now available. The decal is approximately 2 1/2” in diameter and can be stuck on windows, books, binders, you name it. We are selling 1-5 for $1.00 each plus $.50 for shipping, and $1.00 each plus $.75 for 6-10. We currently have a limited number of these decals.
Make your check out to: Larry Boggs
838 Jacobs Ct.
Chico, CA 95926
And do not forget your return address.

For the benefit of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) all proceeds from the sale of the “Woody Decal”, “Pine Tree” patch and the “Woody” patch, will go to the Foundation. Over the years, the Oak Grove Hotshots have donated several thousand dollars to the foundation through these type of sales.
We still have Woody and the first Angeles Patch left.

Buy one for yourself, your children and grandchildren and tell them the history of these fine patches. We believe the “Pine Tree” patch (circa 1955) was the first unofficial patch used by the Forest Service anywhere.
Here is how you get the patches:
Contact Chuck Grennell either by emailing Chuck at: chuckgrennell@gmail.com or call him at: area code 209.795.4782. Or even if you prefer snail-mail, his mailing address is: P.O. Box 2506, Arnold, CA 95223
Cost is $4.00 per patch for either one and up to 4 patches for a $1.00 mailing fee. Up to 8 patches for $2.00 mailing fee and Chuck will negotiate on order-by-order beyond 8.

Thanks for your time and please follow our web site for any updates. https://oakgrovehotshots.wordpress.com

2016 Reunion… we have received some inquires about when are we going to have another reunion? Well we have nothing planned but would like to know if there is any interest out there. So post on the blog or email us at: oghotshot@comcast.net

We still have a few coins (approx. 10) left so if you want one you had better move quickly. Just ask anyone that has one and they will tell you about the quality of the coin. DO IT NOW!!! For coin information read below.


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Larry is also taking orders for Oak Grove Hotshot Tee shirts. They come in either long or short sleeve and one color black. If you’re even thinking about it, do it, because this is not going to come around again.

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Brian Fennessy Red Helmet center

Brian Fennessy
Red Helmet center

It was announced last week that Brian “Buster” Fennessy, has been promoted to Fire Chief of the San Diego City Fire Department.
Brian has a long history with Hotshot crews including assignments with the Oak Grove Crew and Chilao Hotshots.
1978 – YACC/Oak Grove HS (went on numerous assignments)
1979 – Angeles Crest E-10
1980/81 – Chilao Hotshots
1982/83 – Arroyo Grande Helishots
1984-86 – Kern Valley Hotshot Foreman
1987-88 – Apple Valley Helishot Foreman
1989-90 – Apple Valley Crew Superintendent
Was hired by City of San Diego at end of 1990 fire season.
Recently, Larry Boggs wrote Brian with congratulations and Brian wrote back the following that pretty much spells out the comradery that all Hotshots feel. His words are below.
Hey Larry……thanks for the congrats!!!
I had a good chuckle when I opened up the e-mail………you just described me….old broken down hotshot!!!
One of the foremen (now I guess they are called captains) that worked for me when I was a superintendent sent the attached photo (1989) after he received word of my appointment. It reminded me of how much I loved the work and most of all, the brotherhood that quite honestly is talked a lot about in our profession, but in my experience, doesn’t exist to the level it does within the current and/or former hotshot or smokejumper community.
We have something special that other than perhaps those within the military special operations community; enjoy. The fact that former hotshots stay in touch as they do throughout their lives and even though haven’t seen or spoken in years, is pretty amazing. Even former hotshots that haven’t worked together or are from different generations share a unique bond. I try to hire as many hotshots as possible on this job as I know that if they have spent more than a couple years on a hotshot crew, they likely understand the team aspect and work ethic and I too have benefited.

Believe it or not, I continue to wear my 12 inch top Whites (smokejumper) boots everyday as my work boot. People ask all the time why and I tell them that quite honestly that they are the most comfortable boot I own. Also a reminder everyday of where I’ve come from and to not lose sight of those hotshots that came before and after us. Also, they last a lot longer now that I walk on mostly carpet!!!
Thanks for all you do to keep the former hotshot community together Larry……it means a lot to me and I’m sure the others that are proud to have thrown dirt while serving on hotshot crews.
Stay in touch brother!
Brian (aka Buster)
Brian Fennessy

I don’t know if you remember me? My name is John W. (Bill) Alexander. Tony Morton and I had joined the OGHS in 67. You made me ‘Lead Hook’ on that years crew and trained as a crew truck driver in that old Ford crew truck.
I have not associated with anybody in that years crew other than Tony, which I had lost contact for maybe 10 years, then just recently reconnected. He informed me about the OGHS Blog and said something about a past reunion, (which he didn’t attend). I looked it up and found it, then found your contact email address and thought I ought to drop you a line. I had always thought about you, where you are or even if your still kicking? I truly loved that work and it helped me understand the meaning of being a ‘Team’.
Now for a little history on my career: I had stayed for ‘winter work’ and was set to go to Lassen Jr. College. You had helped me with a job application and was accepted to ‘Smoke Jumper School’, which I was going to pick McCall, ID, (since I grew up in Idaho) for the following season. I wanted to be in associated in ‘Forestry’, but I never made any of those goals. It all went up in smoke when the ‘Draft’ came after me. At that time it was not the lottery system.
Tony and I ended up joining the Marine Corp. He didn’t go in right away after signing like I did. After training I spent 13 months in the Vietnam bush, as a radio operator, with a combat Battalion Landing Team, 2/26, 9th MAB, operating in many search and destroy missions, in what they called the ‘I-Corp’ areas, that stretched from the DMZ, south to Hoi An. Tony ended up in Cam Ranh Bay as a plumber. For me, you should know that your training and experience as a Hotshot gave me the physical and mental strength which put me at the top of my ‘Series’ through boot camp and ITR.
I made it back without a physical scratch, but survived some harrowing combat experiences and close calls. I did loose half my hearing though, and stomping through all that bush, I was over exposed to ‘Agent Orange’ and have been fighting pulmonary disease for many years. Keeping physically active all these years must have helped, or I would probably be under by now?
After returning from Nam and getting out of the Marine Corp., I enrolled in Valley Jr. College, which lasted less than a few months. The anti-war movement was rampant and reached into the professor’s instructions. Being a vet, I was hiding, and afraid of being discovered. All I wanted was to continue my education, but I became terribly depressed and near suicidal. Back then there was no help for vets and PTS was not a diagnosed issue. I didn’t fit back in society! I know being brought up in a religious family helped and after finding a job in Meridian, ID, I dropped out of college and moved out hell hole. It was working with a commercial/industrial fire protection company, which covered work throughout the northwestern states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah). After completing 5 years of apprenticeship training, which included correspondent courses from Penn State University, I was officially ‘turned out’ as a Fitter, then Fitter Foreman running jobs. Eventually I worked my way into management, design, (which included hydraulic calculations), and estimating, etc. Eventually I left and started my own company and after years of that, my health dropped to a point where I had to get out of the 24/7 contracting rat race. I sold the business (which is basically selling your workers, used tools, trucks, material inventory, and your clientele), and moved into the other side of the fence, which was fire code enforcement, as an ‘AHJ’ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) in Fire Department-Fire Prevention Bureaus, interpreting, reviewing, permitting, inspecting, testing and enforcing the (adopted) fire codes. This basically involved working with architects, utility, mechanical, and fire protection contractors, along with public business’s, meeting the minimum Fire-Life-Safety requirements. Doing this eventually brought me back to California (where the money was). My first in California was with the Redondo Beach Fire Department-Fire Prevention Bureau, and my last was with the Huntington Beach Fire Department-Fire Prevention Bureau, which is where I worked till I finally called it quits and retired and moved back north.
We have 3 children and 13 grandchildren now. My wife and I live in Star Valley Ranch, WY, a township outside of Thayne. We are tucked in a 30 mile valley called ‘Star Valley’, between the Teton and Bridger National Forests. Our home is 7,200 feet above sea level. We are 50 miles from the old tourist traps of Jackson Hole and Teton Village, and a 100 from the south entrance to Yellowstone Park. If you ever want to get out of the ‘rat race’, you are very welcome to visit and stay, anytime. We have plenty of accommodations in our home.

I’m sure your retired now and taking life easy somewhere. I think Tony (above) retired with CDF when he was in his mid-50’s? I gave up when I was 63. I hope your still blessed with health and your happy? Drop me a line, for I’m interested in knowing how you’re doing and how your life ended up?

Here is a current picture of my wife and I:

John (Bill) Alexander

What are you doing these days. Drop us a note so we can let everyone know.

We here on the Oak Grove Hotshot web site are wondering what crew members are doing these days. Well Chuck Grennell, has been painting and has submitted his beautiful watercolor below. If you have something your proud of and want to show up, let us know and we would be happy to post it.

cow camp cabin 008

I’ve been working on this watercolor, Cowboy Cabin Near Highlands Lake, for a while; I recently finished it. This painting is based on a photograph that I took of a cabin near the top of Ebbetts Pass off of State Route 4, in Alpine County. This is a transparent watercolor on a half sheet of 300 pound Arches Aquarelle paper; it measures 22.5” X 15.25”. Chuck Grennell

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We are getting down to the last of the 2014 Reunion coins and it is beautiful, and your going to want one. They are $5 plus shipping. Get your order in now. Email Larry Boggs at: lnboggs@sbcglobal.net All profits will go to the Wildland Firefighter Fund. We have raided over $400 selling coins for the fund so please join us with this great cause.

OK for all of you that attended the Tahoe reunion, please send us your photos so we can put them on our site.
Thanks to all that attended and please make comments on our site for all to read. Steve


If you have not already registered you need to by April 21st to secure the great deal at this 5 star hotel.

If you register after that date, call Theresa Hiatt-Downer, the Hotel Conference Sales Manager at: 530.543.2114 direct to register. If the hotel is not full she will honor our special low room rate.


The hotel has agreed to reduce the daily room rate from $119 + tax to $99 + tax. This is a great rate for this hotel.

We also found an option while visiting the beautiful Lake Tahoe area. It is always fun to get out on the lake and one way is to travel to Emerald Bay on one of two paddle wheeled boats. You can get discounted tickets through: Travelzoo.com Go to there search block in the upper right corner and type in: $23 – Lake Tahoe: Scenic Cruise to Emerald Bay Reg. $49


Due to not having enough requests for a minimum order we are unable to fill the few requests we did get. If you still want a Tee shirt contact the company below. They have our artwork and will fill your order.

730 W. 9th Street
Chico, Ca 9598



Oak Grove Hotshot
2014 Reunion
May 20th and 21st
South Lake Tahoe

Happy New Year, the clock is ticking and if you have not looked at the clock lately, time is ticking away for the May 2014 Oak Grove Hotshot Reunion. To secure your room and rate, you need to make your reservations now. There is a limited block of rooms available with excellent rates which are way below the standard room rate for this time of year. If something comes up you can always cancel your reservations up to 72 hours in advance of arrival date.

Collectively, all of you know where more Oak Grove and Chilao crew members are than we do, so we are asking you to contact fellow crew members notifying them or reminding them of the up and coming Oak Grove Reunion. Todd Heckert found Gerry Himango, crew of 1960, and both are planning to attend. Come and join us watch beautiful Lake Tahoe dry up along with everything else in California.

And please reply to this reminder telling us if you are planning to attend or not.


It has come to our attention that there maybe some folks that either want another “Tee shirt” or missed out on getting one at the 2012 reunion. The organizing committee wants to help but here is the reality.

The artwork will be the same as for the 2012 Arcadia reunion, so your cost will be the price of the shirt(s). Shipping adds cost and time to the high tee shirt cost so we will not ship but will bring the shirts to the 2014 reunion and deliver there.

We will only offer one color, BLACK in either short or long sleeve.

Price for short sleeve will be $21.00
Price of shirts includes taxes.
Price for long sleeve will be $25.00

March 1 will be the cut off for shirt orders.

Send shirt orders to:

Larry Boggs, 838 Jacobs Court, Chico, California 95926.
Shirt orders are to include Name, phone number, email, mail address, shirt quantity, size, specify Short or Long Sleeve Shirts and a check for the full amount of the order.

If you have questions you can contact Larry:
Larryboggs7851@gmail.com or call 530-343-1989


Oak Grove Hotshot
2014 Reunion
May 20th and 21st
South Lake Tahoe

Our next reunion is informal, no speakers, no raffles, no nothing except seeing each other and talking old times. Our basic plan is to have a place, a time and we hope you show up. Bring your family and tell your old fire fighting friends. This reunion is open to all not just the Oak Grove Crew.

Make your reservations now so you don’t miss out on this reunion. You can always cancel if plans change.

We have made discounted block room arrangements for the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel; formerly the Lake Tahoe Embassy Suites. For room reservations call: 800.988.9894 The group name is: HOTSHOT.

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel really does it all. Free Breakfast Buffet served in the atrium, and nightly Happy Hour, also in the atrium, are included in every reservation at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. Lunch and dinner are served, for your dining pleasure, in Echo, featuring California Casual Cuisine, in a relaxed environment where you can catch all the latest sports action on the many flat screens surrounding the room.

We have had a challenge coin designed specifically for this reunion. All former Oak Grove Hotshot crew members that attend the reunion will receive this beautiful special coin.

If you have any questions please call Steve at: 888.532.5196 and email us at oghotshot@comcast.net and let us know your coming. We would love to hear from you and don’t forget our blog at: oakgrovehotshots.wordpress.com

The images below represent both sides of a 1 3/4″ coin that will be given to every former crew member that attends the 2014 reunion.

Oak Grove Hotshot Challenge coin

Oak Grove Hotshot
Challenge coin

Oak Grove Hotshot
2014 Reunion
May 20th and 21st
South Lake Tahoe

Our next reunion is informal, no speakers, no raffles, no nothing except seeing each other and talking old times. Our basic plan is to have a place and time. We have both now and we hope you show up.

We have made discounted block room arrangements for the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel; formerly the Lake Tahoe Embassy Suites. For room reservations call: 800.988.9894 The group name is: HOTSHOT.

We are also having a challenge coin designed specifically for this reunion. All former Oak Grove Hotshot crew members that attend the reunion will receive this special coin.

There has to be at least one of the activities below that is still on your bucket list.

Just some of the area activities include:

Golf at six area golf courses

Lake Tahoe Cruises.. Either the Tahoe Queen or MS Dixie Paddlewheel Boats

Tahoe Ducks… tour boat


Balloon Rides

Spa Services

Horseback Riding


Charter Boat Rentals

Helicopter Tours


Power Boat Rentals

Bike Rentals

Bike Tours

Almost forgot Gambling

I am going to be there so make plans now and do not forget to network with your fellow crew members. If you missed the 2012 Reunion you do not want to miss this one.


Due to everyone having had so much fun recounting stories with fellow crew members at our 2012 Reunion, we are planning another in May, 2014. This will also give crew members that were unable to attend the 2012 Reunion, a chance to catch up.

The 2014 Reunion will be much lower key with no speakers or fan fare. Basically, we are just picking a place and a time to get together.

The place is Lake Tahoe, and as America’s largest alpine lake, it’s easy to have a fun time at Lake Tahoe. The recreation at this mountain vacation paradise is virtually unlimited. Hiking and biking, world class golf, water sports, paddlewheel boat cruises, trail riding and so much more.

Lake Tahoe is famous for 12 months out of the year. Casino gaming. Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat and Sports Books are all there. Tahoe casinos also boast a wide variety of excellent restaurants and the biggest names in entertainment perform regularly.

We are planning two nights at the Embassy Suites (www.embassytahoe.com) Embassy Tahoe is located in the heart of South Shore’s action, right on the state line.

Fly into Reno (approx. one hour away) or into the South Lake Tahoe Airport.

We will keep our blog up to date and remind you as we get closer. Until then continue to help us find former crew members who would like to join us.

We know this is two years off, but please let us know if this sounds interesting to you so that we can get an estimate of attendance.

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IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE 2012 REUNION PHOTOS, GO TO: http://www.shutterfly.com Reunion photos can be purchased from this site.

USE THE EMAIL ADDRESS = oghotshot@comcast.net
PASSWORD = crew1 (the number one)

If I spelled your name wrong, let me know at oghotshot@comcast.net

Please post comments and let us know what you think.

If you wish to purchase a photo CD from Doug Beck, he can be reached at: 707.443.2639 (H) or 707.834.4646 (C)

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